Best PHP questions and answers 2024 for interview preparation

PHP is a quickly developing language, and there might have been new highlights, updates, or changes in the most recent forms of PHP. It’s constantly recommended  to counsel the authority PHP documentation and remain updated  with the most recent improvements in the language.

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Best PHP questions and answers 2024 for interview preparation::

1) What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting  language utilized for creating dynamic web applications.

2) What are the features of PHP?

  • A few elements of PHP include:
  • Simple combination with HTML
  • Support for various databases
  • Inherent help for taking care of structures and treats
  • Strong string control capabilities
  • Broad library of pre-constructed capabilities and augmentations

3) What is the most recent version of PHP?

As of my knowledge  cutoff in September 2021, the most recent stable version of PHP will be PHP 8.0. Be that as it may, there might have been fresher version  delivered from that point forward.

4)What is the difference between single quotes and double quotes in PHP?

In PHP, single statements (”) and twofold statements (“”) are utilized to signify strings. The primary contrast between them is that solitary statements save the strict worth, all things considered, while twofold statements take into consideration the translation of factors and unique characters.

5)What is the difference between GET and POST methods in PHP?

GET and POST are HTTP techniques used to send information to the server. The fundamental differences  are:

  • GET solicitations can be bookmarked and reserved, while POST demands can’t.
  • GET demands are less secure than POST demands, as information is noticeable in the URL.

6) Difference between PHP4 and PHP5::

·  Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Support:

PHP4 had restricted help for object-arranged programming, though PHP5 presented critical enhancements in OOP.

·   Error Handling:

PHP4 had restricted blunder dealing with capacities. PHP5 presented another mistake taking care of system called exceptions.

·  Performance and Scalability:

PHP5 presented different execution improvements and enhancements, making it quicker and more effective than PHP4.

Overall, PHP5 introduced significant improvements in terms of object-oriented programming, error handling, performance, and scalability compared to PHP4.

7) How can you prevent SQL injection in PHP?

To  prevent SQL infusion, you ought to involve arranged explanations or defined query with placeholders for dynamic data. This guarantees that user  input is appropriately disinfected and doesn’t interfere the SQL query structure.

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8)What is the use of the ‘echo’ statement in PHP?

The ‘echo’ statement  is utilized to output data  in PHP. It very well may be utilized to show text, HTML code, or the worth of factors.

9)What are the different error levels in PHP?

PHP characterizes different error levels to order and report mistakes. Some normal mistake levels are:

  • E_ERROR: Lethal mistakes that stop script execution
  • E_WARNING: Non-deadly blunders that don’t stop script execution
  • E_NOTICE: Minor errors and warnings
  • E_PARSE: syntax errors  in PHP code

10 )How can you include a file in PHP?

You can include a file in PHP using the ‘include’ or ‘require’ statements. ‘include’ will generate a warning if the file is not found, while ‘require’ will generate a fatal error.

11)What is the difference between ‘include’ and ‘require’ in PHP?

The primary difference  is the manner by which they handle missing records. ‘include‘ creates an admonition and proceeds with execution, while ‘require‘ produces a fatal error and stops execution.

12) How might you switch a string over completely to lowercase in PHP?

You can change a string over completely to lowercase in PHP utilizing the ‘strtolower()‘ function. It returns another string with all characters switched over completely to lowercase.

13)What is the utilization of the ‘array flip()’ function in PHP?

The ‘array_flip()’ function  is utilized to trade the keys and values of an array.

14)How might you check in the event that a string contains a particular substring in PHP?

You can utilize the ‘strpos()’ capability to check in the event that a string contains a particular substring in PHP. It returns the place of the substring whenever found, and ‘false’ in otherwise.

15)What is the utilization of the ‘array reverse()’function  in PHP?

The ‘array_reverse()’ function is  utilized  to reverse  the order for components in a cluster. The last component turns into the first,and vice versa.

16)How might you format a number with commas in PHP?

You can utilize the ‘number_format()‘ function to organize a number with commas in PHP. It adds commas as thousands separators to a number.

17)What is the utilization of the ‘array_slice()’ function  in PHP?

The ‘array_slice()’ function isused to extricate a part of an array and return it as another new array.

18)How might you compute the length of an array in PHP?

You can use  the ‘count()’ function  to compute the length of a array in PHP. It returns the quantity of components in the array.

19)What is the utilization of the ‘array_push()’function in PHP?

The ‘array_push()’ function  is utilized to add at least one components to the furthest limit of an array in PHP.

20)How can you convert a string to uppercase in PHP?

convert a string to uppercase in PHP using the ‘strtoupper()’ function. It returns a new string with all characters converted to uppercase.

21)What is the utilization of the ‘array_intersect()’function in PHP?

The ‘array_intersect()’ function  is used to find the common values between two or more arrays.

22)How might you eliminate components from an array in PHP?

You can eliminate components from an array in PHP using functions like ‘unset()’ or ‘array _splice()’. ‘unset()’ is utilized to eliminate a particular component by its critical, while ‘array _splice()’ can eliminate a scope of components by their records.

23)What is the use of the ‘array_ push()’ function in PHP?

The ‘array _push()’ function is used to add one or more elements to the end of an array in PHP.

24)What is the use of the ‘session _start()’ function in PHP?

The ‘session_start()’ function  is utilized to begin a new or continue a current session in PHP. It introduces the session factors and assigns  a novel session  ID to the user.

25)How can you destroy a session in PHP?

You can destroy  a session  in PHP by utilizing the ‘session _destroy()’ function.

26)What is the use of the ‘foreach’ loop in PHP?

The ‘foreach’ loop is used to repeat over arrays or items in PHP. It permits you to loop through every component without explicitly characterizing the beginning and end conditions.

27)What is the distinction among ‘include_ once’ and ‘require_ once’ in PHP?

‘include_once’ and ‘require_once’ are like ‘include ‘ and ‘require’, yet they check assuming the document has proactively been incorporated prior to including it once more.

28)How can you handle file uploads in PHP?

file uploads in PHP using the ‘$_FILES’ superglobal variable. It provides information about the uploaded file, such as the file name, type, size, and temporary location.

29)What is the use of the ‘html_specialchars()’ function in PHP?

The ‘htmlspecialchars()’ function is utilized to switch exceptional characters over completely to their HTML elements.

30)What is overloading and overriding in PHP?


Overloading refers to the ability to create multiple methods with the same name but different parameters or argument lists within a class. In PHP, overloading can be achieved through the use of magic methods like __call() and __call Static().

class MyClass {

    public function __call($name, $arguments) {

        // Handle method calls that do not exist




Overriding refers to the ability of a subclass or child class to provide its own implementation of a method that is already defined in its parent class. When a method is overridden in the subclass, the subclass method with the same name and parameters overrides the implementation of the parent class method. This allows the subclass to customize or extend the behavior of the inherited method.

class Parent Class {

    public function my Method() {

        // Parent class method implementation



class ChildClass extends ParentClass {

    public function myMethod() {

        // Child class method overrides the parent class method



31)What are the well known frameworks in PHP?


Laravel is one of the most famous PHP systems known for its exquisite linguistic structure, expressive punctuation, and broad arrangement of elements


Symfony is a profoundly adaptable and strong PHP system utilized for building complex web applications. It follows the MVC design and gives many reusable parts, libraries, and instruments.


CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP system known for its effortlessness and usability. It has a little impression and requires insignificant setup.

Zend Structure: 

Zend System is a strong and include rich PHP system that underscores on building secure and undertaking grade applications.


Yii is an elite presentation PHP system that means to be quick, secure, and proficient. It follows the MVC design and gives highlights like information base access, reserving etc.


CakePHP is an experienced and highlight rich PHP structure that follows the MVC design. It offers a show over-setup approach, making it simple to get everything rolling.

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