What Is Networking? Advantages And Use case Of Network


The term computer network means an   interconnected  connections of  autonomous  computers. Two computers  are said to be interconnected if they able to exchange information. if  one computer can forcibly starts, stops ,and controlled another one  then computers are not  autonomous .

Difference  between  computer network  and distributed  system:-

1.     The  main  difference  is that the existence of multiple computers are not visible to the user in case of distributed system.While in a network system  an user must explicitly  lay on to one machine moves files around , that is they are visible to the user .

2.     With a distributed system nothing has to be done explicitly  that is ; without user knowledge  But for a computer network everything  is done with users knowledge.

3.     A  key difference occurs between  distributed system and computer network lines  with the software rather than the hardware .

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Advantages of using computer network:-

In general computer network is done for the following  reasons  ::–

1.  High performance

2.  Resource sharing

3.  Reliability

4.  File security

5.  Saving money

Application of network :-

Today  computer network is  applied in several fields. Some of the application areas  are given below :


Marketing  professionals used network system to collect, exchange and  analise data related to the customer’s need  and the product development  cycle.


 Network system now widely  affect  in manufacturing  industries with CRD/CAM applications.

Financial  Analysis:

Today finance sector is totally dependent on computer network, Banking sector , Share market, insurance company uses computer network for their purposes .

Electronic message :

 one of the most popular application is e-mail through which sent message to another and can communicate  with each other via chatting .

Tele conferencing and educational system:

These applications are useful for participations of several persons in different places. They can exchange their views on some topics. In educational system student get knowledge, information of some institute via network.

Cable Television:

 It is also an application area of network where picture , videos are share in  simplex mode.

and also in these field:

Medical science

  Research field.

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